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Jaqui Smedley -  About Painting Gypsy

Always part of nature, the Painting Gypsy was born in Africa.  Her British parents were there for work.  This was the first year of life.  Painting Gypsy is from a middle-class family who moved to Powell River when she was 1.  She went to school and did normal children type stuff for years. Normal for Powell River. She was climbing in cherry trees, running through the forest.  Sharing time and space with animals and just being one with nature has shaped the Painting Gypsy's eye for beauty.    

Jaqui married early and her first husband worked out in camp cutting shake blocks.  Painting Gypsy started as the camp cook.  She always kept the kitchen going but also put in half days chopping shake blocks.  Hard work out in the remote forests of BC shaped this woman ’s work ethic. During this part of life, she had a black bear that was a curious buddy.   She had crows as friends (and still speaks to crows today).  She saw cougars in the wild and all kinds of other forest creatures. With the first husband came two beautiful daughters. 

The family shifted to the textiles industry and Painting Gypsy, at the age 19, moved to Courtenay for a business opportunity.  A little more pavement and civilization than before but still very beautiful.  Then business took her to Campbell River for 7 years.  Things change and so the first marriage drifted apart.  Raising two daughters and working in the family business kept our woman busy. She has always had time for adventures and fun in life though. 

Moving to Duncan and settling in, Painting Gypsy has built a successful business in textiles. The art that she creates comes from a life time of paying attention to beauty.  Years of spending hours painting, drawing, sculpting and designing.

Painting Gypsy currently lives submerged in nature. Totally off grid in a yurt style home near Duncan, B.C. with her best friend/partner and two lovely dogs. She creates in her studio nestled in the forest with the sounds of birds and not much else. 

One daughter is in Victoria.  One daughter is in Comox

Life is beautiful.  Just believe!